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Butterfly is beautiful classic sailboat built in Formosa, Taiwan. The hull and the interior cabins are decorated with teak wood and oriental carvings. It is moored in the port of Sant Carles de la Rapita and offers tours around the Ebro Delta. Lucas, the captain, found it in Croatia and sailed it back on a hard crossing that became an adventure as the boat was in bad condition. The yacht had to be completely restored from the keel to the mast using the best materials and has been upgraded with the latest technology seeking for the comfort and safety of our guests. The comfort and safety of this yacht along with the calm waters of the Alfacs Bay turn this activity into an extremely relaxing experience. Relax on the huge cushions and enjoy sailing on board a beautiful classic sailboat, discover the seafood farms, taste mussel and oysters, and snorkel among Nacras, giant seashells that can reach 1 meter and live 20 years! Captain Lucas will be happy to initiate you into sailing. Butterfly offers different tours, 3 hour tours and 6 hour tours. The sunset and the full moon tours are specially romantic. Ideal for celebrations... The perfect gift!

Butterfly Charters
Sant Carles de la Ràpita
Tarragona, Spain
Tel +34 660 907 189
Mail info@butterfly-charters.com
Url butterfly-charters.com
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